20.20 rated amongst the best in the industry

Kingston Smith W1's 2013 Survey

20.20 have made it into the Top 30 UK design businesses according to Kingston Smith W1’s 2013 survey, which analyses the financial performance of leading marketing service businesses in the UK. As reported in the annual survey “Financial performance of marketing services companies”, the UK’s top 30 design agencies grew their income by 8% in their most recent set of results. The average operating profit margin showed an impressive increase from 8.7% to 11.7% as they benefitted from lower non-staff costs. However, the underlying percentage of gross income spent on staff costs increased to 60%.

For Employment Costs, 20.20 Limited came 7th, for Operating Profit we came 14th, for Gross Income overall, and for overall Operating Profit (net income), 20.20 came 20th! How appropriate.



Zara Weller
Posted on Friday January 17 2014 | Comments (0)