Wembley memories, revitalising the walkways

The light boxes displaying images from past events at Wembley within the new Club Wembley corridors

Anyone lucky enough to be a member of Club Wembley will notice that the walkways have become a lot more impressive recently.

Say goodbye to the Perspex frames that captured a “sepia-toned” record of the past, and say hello to eye-catching light boxes that bring Wembley memories to life.

The breakout spaces that punctuate the walkways have been lifted with bold narrative adorning the walls that motivate and inspire greatness that a special stadium such as Wembley deserves.

We love the impact that has been made.

Here are some pictures showing the finishing touches being worked on.

Bold motivational stories in the Club Wembley corridors

Sign writer putting the finishing touches to the stories on the walls in the Club Wembley corridors.



Michael Artis
Posted on Friday May 2 2014 | Comments (0)