Defining an iconic, future-facing brand

Arsenal FC


Arsenal FC were experiencing issues of ownership over their beloved club crest – so they asked us to design an alternative to properly protect its use and application. With their historic move to the Emirates in the pipeline, we recognised that this project meant more than a new badge; Arsenal needed a next generation brand; one robust enough to compete in the global sports arena, represented by an iconic crest that could transcend cultural boundaries.


To understand a brand that was more akin to a religion for all involved, we spoke to as many people as we could; from fans and stakeholders to football futurologists – and everyone in-between. Our insights informed the first true articulation of the Arsenal brand, building values based on the rich heritage and ambitious vision of a global club. We modernised the crest and flipped the famous cannon – from the traditional backward towing position to a proud and future-facing icon for the fans and club to unite behind.


+ Set the road map for a great working relationship between Arsenal FC and 20.20 that has lasted over a decade
+ Kit launch featuring the new crest and sponsor became the most commercially successful in Arsenal FC’s history