Celebrating Anfield heroes

Liverpool F.C.


When Liverpool FC charged us with refurbishing three adjoining hospitality spaces in Anfield’s iconic Centenary Stand, we saw an opportunity to design a suite of engaging and inviting rooms embedded with global stories in honour of the Club’s identity as the World’s Greatest Football Family. We wanted these spaces to feel like home to everyone, whether coming to Anfield is a matchday ritual or a lifelong dream.


Balancing a bold graphic style with warm and inclusive interiors for over 400 guests, Reds, Sevens and Eights can flex to accommodate fans as an open suite or three separate lounges. Reds Bar gives supporters an opportunity to make their mark on the space, recognising the fan contribution to LFC’s global success alongside the achievements of players and managers over the years. Storytelling in the Sevens and Eights has a player focus, exploring the responsibility and the joy of taking up the mantle of a famous shirt.

+ Reds, Sevens & Eights is now one of Anfield’s most popular suites
+ Hospitality guests are embracing the refurbishment as an investment into their matchday experience
+ The spaces have encouraged fans to arrive hours ahead of kick off