Cool Club, Poland



Trusted one-stop kids’ shop, SMYK challenged us to transform one of their successful product brands, Cool Club, into a standalone international brand for children’s fashion. By getting the stakeholders together in a creative environment to think, feel and act as parents, aunts and uncles, we declared an ambition to make Cool Club a kid-centric platform for confident self-expression.


We created the proposition, brand identity and store design to focus on celebrating spontaneous creativity. Cool Club fashion is about style that kids love, not trend, so the store stays one step ahead of their imaginations with characterful communications and customisation stations. We designed a fashion playground full of excitement for little ones that’s affordable and easy to shop for parents.


“Together with 20.20, we’ve delivered a state of the art franchise concept, which you will be hearing about from your kids very soon! It’s been a great and collaborative experience.”