Reinventing the travel agent

Thomson Holidays


When the travel industry was first hit by online competition, people were quick to say that the days of the travel shop were numbered. The truth is that physical retail still has a valuable role to play - for groups and families in particular. When Thomson approached us, we saw an opportunity to serve customers very differently and bring in a new generation of people looking to shortcut the stream of anonymous holiday reviews with a trusted expert.


Together, we defined a revolutionary customer experience and a connected environment to host the best of the on-and-offline worlds together. Our intuitive travel store inspires, involves and converts holidaymakers with playful digital content and access to friendly colleagues, who are liberated from desks and brochures. We changed the conversation from a sales pitch to a creative collaboration, crafting every touchpoint of the new store and service offer from interiors to technology build.


+ Triple digit sales uplift, commercial results for Bluewater pilot significantly outperforming the two stores it replaced

+ Increased sales margins and passenger numbers

+ UK Rollout; European rollout for digital components