They say that you don’t notice the foibles of your own culture until you visit somewhere completely different. We’ve never been anywhere that makes this more apparent than Japan. Here are some little retail quirks we noticed during a week in Tokyo.


# 1 Vending is big news (and most machines serve hot drinks, too)

Nicole Wilson
Nolli Waterman joins 20.20 for Well I Never, a series of inspiring talks from interesting people.

Next week, as part of our on going Well I Never series of talks, the team at 20.20 will be hearing from England Women rugby star Nolli Waterman.

Nolli became the youngest woman to represent her country in international competitions at the age of 18 and has since gone beyond 50 caps for England. She will be speaking to our team about teamwork, collaboration, and what it takes to be a world cup winner.

Stay tuned for a round up next week.

John Faye
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ARK Franklin Primary Academy celebrates their 1st Year.

ARK Schools primary academy ARK Franklin have celebrated their 1st anniversary by getting all their teachers and students together to show their colours and re-create their logo. We love it!

Read more on their website.

20.20 were involved in creating a unifying identity for the ARK Academy schools. We are really impressed by ARK Franklin’s creativity in showing theirs off!

ARK Schools
Well I Never at 20.20 with Spark London

Our first Well I Never event of the year took place this week, and we invited guest speaker, Joanna Yates to the studio to inspire us with a talk on the power of personal narratives. Joanna founded Spark London, a live storytelling club meeting three Mondays of every month in venues across the city.

Nicole Wilson
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Last month we were honoured to spend the evening with the two founders of Labour And Wait, Rachel Wythe-Moran and Simon Watkins. They first set up shop in the year 2000 in Cheshire Street, East London. They believe in a simple, honest approach to design, where quality and utility are intrinsic. Labour & Wait provides traditional housewares in a contemporary way. They have a concession at Dover Street Market, which they man themselves and stock with as much as they can fit in the boot of the car.

Zara Weller
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Every time a certain red lorry advert is spotted on TV at this time of year, I have friends on Facebook updating statuses with 'I've seen the Coca-Cola advert; now Christmas time has begun!'

Zara Weller
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