Awaking a sleeping giant


MEYBA is synonymous with the greatest era in the history of football.  

Its iconic past provided an opportunity for MEYBA to be launched back into the world of sports apparel today.

Originally born in Barcelona, it became an international icon in 1981 and was worn by Johan Cruyff’s famous Barcelona Dream Team, including Maradona, Guardiola, Koeman, and Laudrup.

By immersing ourselves in MEYBA’s past, we were able to build an authentic and compelling brand narrative for the future.  


We created a future-focussed brand story, purpose, vision and values for MEYBA and adapted the brand marque to make it fit for use in the 21st century, whilst protecting the essence and features of the original brand.

We built a new identity system - providing clarity between the fashion and the professional sports brands - and produced an immersive, emotional brand video to tell the incredible story of MEYBA.


Since the re-launch, Meyba has become the main shirt manufacturer for FC Twente.

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We helped build a new brand story, purpose, vision and values for MEYBA going forward.

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We kept the essence of the original brand identity, building a new identity system around it for launch and giving clarity between the fashion brand and the professional sports brand.

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