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Transforming customer data into brand targets

Brand Experience - Strategy


More than a transport hub, St Pancras is a branded destination in its own right. When Network Rail approached us, they had successfully created an environment that encouraged people to visit, but hadn't translated their customer data into real insight. We would help them to think beyond processing large volumes of commuters to consider the needs of leisure customers, too.

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By observing the behaviours of people travelling through the station, we enriched the “Meet me at St. Pancras” proposition to define a customer target that made sense to operational partners, and informed engagement throughout the station. This work broke away from uniform blue treatment of St Pancras and inspired a distinctive tone of voice for the brand: one that matches the station’s cutting-edge architecture and Victorian elegance.  


+ Messaging at the right time and place for travellers + St Pancras found a voice to express itself.

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