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Urban Legend is a new low calorie donuts range, the brain child of Anthony Fletcher and the Believe in Science team.

These donuts are everything you expect, and more, from an indulgent donut but never high in sugar, fats or calories. New to the market, Urban Legend donuts are about to revolutionise the industry.

20.20 were asked to bring the brand to life (created by Biles Hendry) in a new retail and pop-up concept that would stop customers in their tracks. The brand is vibrant and energetic, the colours make you think of candy flavours and memories of childhood sweet shops and funfairs. The brand experience needed to be all about indulgence first, bringing the added benefit of low in calories, low in sugar, and low in fat as a secondary message.

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Our Urban Legend retail concept brings the pink to life, through tactile materials and vibrant displays, to disrupt the customer journey. We wanted to create a space that you just had to go into. Having observed the competition the donuts pull you in, people stop, stare and salivate at the product, so we had to make the most of the product displays and window views.

We wanted to challenge perceptions and be more playful, by creating a giant donut seat in the front of store we highlighted the product and created an instant attraction. Customers become immersed in the experience and have an opportunity to share content amongst friends.

Our Urban approach uses scaffolding as a visual merchandise shelf system to hold pre-pack boxes, the concrete floor leads you to the shiny counter top that displays the glorious product, enhanced by a giant lightbox menu which works as well in-store as it does visually from outside the window. The pink corrugated walls add to our Urban concept, creating a great back lit  space for the branding. The LED sprinkle lights in the pink ceiling reflect the playfulness of this exciting donut brand.


The concept is proving a big hit in the first store in Brighton and the 20.20 team are working with the Urban team to extend the concept to pop-ups and kiosks, as part of an ambitious roll out plan.

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