Reimagining suites & boxes

Suites and boxes have come under pressure in recent years. Pre Covid, trends showed they were no longer the experiences guests were being drawn too. Post Covid however, things are slightly different – with people seeing real value in buying into these premium spaces once more.  

With suites & boxes –experience is always king. It’s what you do with them that creates an enticing offer. At 20.20 we put customers at the heart of everything we do, especially when it comes to designing beautiful experiences. We also specialise in building compelling brands into spaces.

Last year we had the pleasure of working with the brilliant team at ASM Global on two recent conversions at the AO Arena, Manchester and First Direct Arena, Leeds. Both projects saw three suites converted into one super suite – with different approaches based on location, offer and guests for each new space. These conversions have been highly successful and are very much part of the exciting new direction suites in arenas are headed.

Collaborating with the team at ASM, we created an engaging new offer at the AO Arena Manchester called The Beautiful North.

Manchester as a city embraces the new. It sets its own direction. Always changing. Always creating. The Beautiful North from its conception of its name and identity were designed to reflect this energy. A chance to represent the culture of the city on a world stage.

The space itself can reflect that night’s show, changing mood depending on what event is going on. An expansive, coffered ceiling helps set the pace - with luxurious materials, soft furnishing and layering of texture immersing you as soon as you walk through its doors. 

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With the First Direct Arena in Leeds, we wanted to create something vibrant to reflect the modernity of the arena and its surroundings. A proud cosmopolitan city, Leeds has seen huge transformation over the years. Always welcoming, friendly and ready to host.  

The Mixer as a space is unique to The First Direct Arena. The style is effortless. Luxurious - but done with an honesty and attitude that make it stand out from the crowd. Deep, dark tones bring the mood together and food & drink are crafted to perfection.

Its name and identity seek to bottle that legendary Leeds soul – authentic yet eclectic, exclusive, yet effortless and without pretension. A coming together of different styles, textures, and materials – mixing bold graphics and mirroring perfectly the rich mix of talent and genres that take to the arena’s stage, night after night.

For the bonds we build and the memories we make - both these spaces deliver.

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Photo Credits: Nathan Larkin (The Beautiful North, AO Arena, Manchester) and Nighthawk (The Mixer, First Direct Arena, Leeds)

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