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In 2022, we were asked to help create a cafe concept with a unique signature ingredient, the steel-cut oat. Rich in fibre, iron and plant-based proteins, steel-cut oats are a nutritious way to elevate your breakfast and beyond.

The cafe’s branding and interiors had to feel as wholesome as its offer - yet elegant to attract its desired demographic. It needed to have crafted elements to give a sense of thoughtful service, as well as playfulness to draw potential customers in.

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Collaborating closely with the project’s interior designer Ravi Jassal (Next Chapter Design), we began exploring naming and look & feel with the client.

With Oatis’ healthy offer being its key differentiator, we looked for design touches to enhance that good for you” feeling Oatis’ food evokes through colour palette, menu design and logo.  Playful additions such as illustration and brand typography create a light and inviting mood, sparking customer curiosity.

We made use of illustrated elements such as stickers as an efficient yet elegant way to add pops of colour to packaging. These elements create an opportunity for handcrafted moments between the customer and the server at the point of sale.

With our work seamlessly paired with Next Chapter Design’s modern interior elements and food consultant Egg Soldiers' delicious menu - Oatis has a brand and interior that genuinely represents its proposition.

Opening its first cafe location in the summer of 2023, Oatis is Notting Hill’s new favourite place for a healthy breakfast or brunch.

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