Rebranding its high street presence


Sometimes even the experts need help. In the mid-nineties, food giant Sainsbury’s spent millions trying to revitalise their business without success. Customers simply hadn't noticed any real change and the business was growing increasingly out of touch. Changing perceptions required a complete overhaul of the Sainsbury's brand and culture.


Working closely with the executive team, 20.20 reviewed the Sainsbury's brand, logo and shopping experience to create a fresh personality and a passionate new identity that bought 'living orange' back to the fore. We translated this into a consistent store experience that would brighten up the UK's weekly shop through bold environments, colourful communications and a radical tone of voice to improve customer loyalty and brand perception. Sainsbury's soon became a torchbearer for change in the industry.


+ Sainsbury's is still one of the most distinctive brands on the high street today. "20.20 have made a major contribution to transforming Sainsbury's – I think this comes from two key strengths – real strategic insight and great creative. They consistently make the effort to understand the retail business and bring new insights from other relevant markets. I am still thrilled whenever I see a living orange lorry or one of the bags for life. These are everyday things that have been transformed into a real statement about our brand by bold and striking design." Andrew Ground, Director, Customer Marketing Sainsbury’s.

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Sainsbury's orange became a beacon for change.

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Sainsbury's moved from a corporate business into a brand for the people.

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