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Founded in 1972, Persimmon has always prided itself on building homes and communities - not just houses of brick and mortar. 

Fifty years on, with over four hundred new build developments across the UK, it is one of the most important companies in the sector, employing nearly five thousand staff and actively fostering the next generation of apprentices.  

In 2021, Persimmon Homes approached us to develop a new visual identity that felt as innovative and people centric as the work they do.

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20.20 worked closely with stakeholders to delve into Persimmon's values as a company. Together we explored trust, reliability, the ability to react to customers' needs, and the desire to preserve the heritage of the brand, yet still, celebrate the company's innovations.  

Persimmon's new logo features an isometric home (a nod to its previous logo) incorporating different sizes of houses within the design to represent the large variety of homes Persimmon builds for its customers. This new logo is a foundation stone that informs both the illustration and the backgrounds found throughout the brand identity.

With brand illustration - we zoom out to see the Persimmon "Home" logo at the heart of a flourishing new development, showing the company's commitment to building thriving communities now and in the future. The branded backgrounds take the opposite approach, zooming in on the Persimmon "Home" to create a more abstract image - yet still feeling innately cohesive to the viewer. This layering reinforces the logo's image, making it instantly more recognisable.

Persimmon's brand has always been synonymous with green - intuitively evoking growth, harmony, and new beginnings. To inject new life and modernity, we opted to use greens with a blue tone, rather than the browner/olive shade previously used. Paired with a yellow for vibrancy and an orange (the colour of the community - so important to Persimmon's ethos) these new colour choices feel fresh and on-trend - akin to the kind of palette that so many of us are choosing to paint our homes with.


With an exciting new visual identity both physically and digitally, Persimmon fed back to us that there is a renewed sense of energy and purpose within their teams and the wider business. 

Persimmon now has a new visual identity that truly feels like its own. A new brand home - for years to come.

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